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She gets me 3 years ago
Every single time. I love her whore stories.
Omen 3 years ago
Use to fuck a girl that would like trading JAV XXX in the middle of sex... pretty hot not gonna lie.
Lol 3 years ago
There really are bitches out here like that went to school with a few.
ILoveLaceyAnnShaw 2 years ago
Idk how that guy didn't shoot loads of cum while she was telling that story. I know I would have! This is just too hot! Especially the part where she said they went through an entire pack of condoms. I think I would have just cum instantly at that point.
nod3 6 years ago
more vids of her?? or like this?
Darth Vader Jiggaboo 3 years ago
I own that house.. I remember that chick
Been 6 years ago
That was dope
Guttbanger 1 year ago
This bitch is a walking talking sewer
Don't worry about it 6 years ago
That video was the shit
Damn 11 months ago
Im really glad they censored the cussing for the youngjns watchjn porn